Wyoming: A Leader in Pressing Forward in Election Integrity

Living up to its nickname of the “Equality State,” Wyoming is putting election integrity first to protect its freedom and its voters. Currently leading this charge is its newly elected Secretary […]

Sacrificing Election Confidence to Protect “Insiders”

Robert Barnes, founder of the national law firm Barnes Law is a veteran of election law and civil rights cases that protect “underdogs” across the ideological spectrum. In this interview with Cleta, he […]

Ep 76: Today’s Election Integrity Patriots Honor Yesterday’s Heroes

This week as Memorial Day 2023 approaches, Cleta reflects on the sacrifices made by our nation’s fallen military heroes in this special edition of Who’s Counting? The first “Memorial Day” […]

“Alternate Voting Methods:” The Left’s Radical Models for Cementing Political Control

When public policy expert Trent England saw election integrity undermined by progressive policies in his home state of Washington, he took action that has an impact at the national level. […]


This week’s guest on Who’s Counting? with Cleta Mitchell is West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner, who has called on the US Secretary of State Tony Blinken to resign […]

Tarrant County, TX Judge Tim O’Hare: Replicate This! A Local Government’s Official Election Integrity Task Force

Officials in Tarrant County, Texas (Fort Worth)  have taken a bold approach to keeping their elections safe and secure, and hope their model will be a blueprint for localities across […]

Jay Ashcroft, Missouri Secretary of State: Principled Election Integrity Leadership in “The Peoples’ Office”

Principled Election Integrity Leadership in “The Peoples’ Office” Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft has proven to be a thought and policy leader in the election integrity movement as well […]

Ned Jones: Unmasking Leftwing Billionaire Plans to Infiltrate and Control America’s Elections

Election Integrity Network’s Citizen’s Research Project is a nationwide collaborative effort engaging volunteers who are researching the left’s billionaire-funded efforts to manipulate election results by taking over local election offices. […]

Hayden Ludwig: Documenting the Left’s Taxpayer-Funded and Subsidized Election Corruption Apparatus

An experienced and expert researcher, Hayden Ludwig of Restoration of America has taken a deep dive into election integrity’s “enemy camp” and come back up with a treasure trove of […]

Jason Frazier: A Citizen Voter Roll Cleanup Expert in Fulton County, Georgia: Describing the Mess He’s Trying to Clean Up… Try 12,000 Duplicates in the Fulton County Voter Rolls! And more…. What a hero!

Cleta interviews Jason Frazier, a citizen volunteer, and self-described ‘data geek’ who has taken it upon himself to examine the voter rolls in his home county of Fulton County, GA. […]

Broken Faith: How Ranked (Rigged) Choice Voting Suppressed the Vote – and the Voices of the Citizens – in Alaska in 2022

The 2022 Republican nominee for Alaska’s US Senate seat Kelly Tshibaka describes in this Episode of Who’s Counting? with Cleta Mitchell how Alaska’s Ranked “Rigged” Choice Voting worked in the […]

Mac Warner: Turning Over The Rocks of Election Integrity’s Critical Infrastructure

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner is a West Point graduate and attorney who served in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corps. As such, he knows the law […]

Dave Carver: New Jersey’s Inspirational Voter Rolls Accuracy Activist and Leader

Dave Carver of New Jersey was a senior pharmaceutical executive with decades of experience in federally regulated data and software, with a gift for spotting anomalies and irregularities in data. […]

Marci McCarthy:  A Citizen Patriot Dedicated to restoring FITness to Georgia Elections: Faith, Integrity and Trust (FIT)

Georgia’s Marci McCarthy is Chairman of the DeKalb County GOP and a fierce warrior for election integrity.   Her commitment is to never see a repeat of what she witnessed in […]

Ken Cuccinelli Transparency: Election integrity’s “secret sauce”

Ken Cuccinelli is the National Chairman for the Election Transparency Initiative, a joint election integrity project of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America and the American Principles Project. A long time […]

The Truth About the U.S. Alliance for ‘Election Excellence’: The Left’s Plans to Brainwash Local Election Officials Against Election Integrity and Transparency

Jason Snead is the Executive Director of the Honest Elections Project, an organization that is a national leader in the effort to protect the rights of every lawful voter while advocating […]

Cleta Mitchell: Brief History of American Elections and How Citizen Engagement Can Save our Republic

Have you ever wondered why we talk about candidates being on a “ticket”? What is the history of the secret ballot? Have elections always been run by government? Why should […]

Hans von Spakovsky: ALERT! “Rigged” Choice Voting Robs Voters of Ballots and Throws Elections Into Chaos

In recent weeks, more citizens have become aware of a dangerous threat to America’s election process called “Ranked Choice Voting.” It is appearing in legislation in many states, mostly recently […]

Cleta Mitchell & Heather Honey: The Lawless Elections of Maricopa County

Please join Cleta as she interviews Verity Vote founder and Pennsylvania Fair Elections Coalition Chair Heather Honey, recently called as an expert witness in the post-2022 Arizona election integrity court case.  With […]

Prophecy Fulfilled: the DOJ continues its “flabbergasting” leftist campaign against election integrity

When this episode of “Who’s Counting with Cleta Mitchell” podcast originally aired in May of 2022, guest Maureen Riordan – a veteran attorney, retired from the Department of Justice’s Civil […]

Mollie Hemingway Redux: Watch Again In the Wake of Twitter’s Internal Files Released Proving What Mollie Called the Seizure of the 2020 Election

In October 2021, Cleta sat down with Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist and discussed her amazing book released in May 2021 about the 2020 election, Rigged: How the Media, Big […]

Merry Christmas from EIN!

Please enjoy this heartfelt message from Election Integrity Network Chairman Cleta Mitchell, as she counts our many gifts and blessings — including you, our election integrity partners! Wishing a Merry […]

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