Poll Watcher Requirements

If you live in any of these states, you are in a hot spot!  The requirements for poll watching in your state are indicated below.  Click the link on this page and sign up today!

Maricopa County Poll Watcher Requirements 

  • There is no requirement to live in the county, but the observer must be a registered (adult) voter in Arizona. 

Dekalb County Poll Watcher Requirements

  • Georgia does not have any residency or age requirements for poll watchers. 

Detroit Poll Watcher Requirements

  • Only requirement to be a poll challenger in Michigan is that they are a registered voter in the state and have a credential from the organization they are there to represent 

Washoe County Poll Watcher Requirements

  • Members of the general public may be poll watchers, but this does not include members of the media or people who are observing the polls solely within a professional capacity.
  • You do not need to live in the county where you are a poll watcher. 

North Carolina Poll Watcher Requirements

  • Resident of NC
  • Registered Voter

Milwaukee Poll Watcher Requirements

  • Milwaukee, WI Poll Observer Requirements: N/A (no residency, age, credentialing requirements). Wis. Stat. 7.41.

Florida Poll Watcher Requirements 

  • Poll watchers in Florida must be registered to vote in the county in which they want to poll watch and be designated by a political organization in the county, candidate, or political committee.

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