Be A Poll Watcher!

Volunteer poll watchers are citizen patriots who are the backbone of election integrity. 

A poll watcher – sometimes called an observer –  is a trained volunteer whose job is to observe the voting process. In most states, training is offered by the political parties, and may require a certification for poll watchers that also goes through the party system. Poll watchers are usually required to be registered voters.

Poll watching is a great first step in becoming part of the election apparatus in your city, county or precinct.  Many poll watchers go on to become poll workers (hired by election offices during election season) who have a higher level of responsibility and authority.

There are never enough poll watchers, and being a dedicated election integrity advocate is a key attribute to volunteer for this important position.

You’d like to help, but don’t know “how” to be a poll watcher? No worries! You will be fully trained before you head out to protect our election process.


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