The Federalist: Montana’s magical ballot problem

April 19, 2022

Whether a state is “blue” or “red,” every legitimate vote must be accurately counted and recorded. Because Montana chose Donald Trump with 60% of the vote in 2020, its election […]

War Room: Election Integrity Movement: Patriots ensuring ballots lawfully cast are not cast aside

In a recent segment on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Election Integrity Network’s Cleta Mitchell takes no prisoners discussing the growing election integrity movement that engages ordinary citizens fighting for fair […]

Fox News: The left floats new fraud initiative: Mandatory voting

April 14, 2022

Voting is one of our most treasured civic duties, and like other fundamental Constitutional freedoms, Americans have the freedom to participate, or choose not to. The liberals promoting this idea […]

Broad + Liberty:  Testimony in Pennsylvania outlines corruptive influence of Mark Zuckerberg’s money 

An investigative journalist with PA’s “non-mainstream” media center Broad + Liberty recently provided testimony to the state’s legislators on the corruptive influence of “Zuckbucks” in election offices. Using internal emails, […]

CBS 4 Miami: Liberal Florida judge issues discriminatory ruling on common sense voting rules

April 11, 2022

Judge Mark Walker of the US District Court for the Northern District of Florida is an Obama appointee who sees voter “discrimination” lurking everywhere. Because of his liberal record, it […]

Breitbart: France: a country where strict voting rules are accepted and enforced

Many in the liberal media claim that any form of election security or voter identification is racist, discriminatory or causes emotional distress. They fully ignore any comparison between US voting […]

The Daily Signal: Vote fraud math demonstrates vote fraud is real 

March 29, 2022

A new study uses statistical and data analysis to identify possible vote fraud on a precinct-by-precinct basis. The study’s author, economist John Lott, isolated the vote-counting process of counties with fraud allegations […]

Roll Call: Liberal’s election corruption Plan B is a line item in the Biden budget

Unable to walk through the front door to loosen election security, liberals found the back door. As their attempts to steal Constitutional responsibility for election procedures from the states by […]

The Georgia Record: Irrefutable evidence of electronic manipulation in Fulton County’s 2020 results

March 13, 2022

After a year-long intensive investigation of ballot images, Georgia’s election integrity watchdog group, VoterGA, has found verifiable irregularities in hundreds of thousands of ballot images — with 374,128 original images completely […]

WPBF News: Florida legislature passes first in the nation vote crime legislation

Florida’s House and Senate has passed vote crime legislation that was a priority of the DeSantis Administration with the bill heading to the Governor’s desk for signature. In response, Democrat’s […]

The North Jersey News: “There is no vote fraud!” except when there is

March 4, 2022

Although liberals and Democrats tell us there is no vote fraud, cases keep popping up. Most recently, New Jersey, where three people have been indicted on multiple counts of fraud […]

Capital Research Center: “Ranked Choice:” When voting becomes a reptitious multiple choice test

Ranked choice voting (RCV) is not a good idea; it’s a left-wing idea — which by nature makes it an anti-election integrity idea. RCV allows voters to rank prefered candidates from favorite to least, […]

The Epoch Times: Public Interest Law Foundation reveals extent of Zuckerbuck damage in South Carolina

February 24, 2022

Liberals malign corporate interests as inherently evil until they want to use liberal big business to manipulate election results to favor liberal candidates. Leftist private and corporate money interfered with […]

The Epoch Times: Inaccurate voter rolls plus unchecked mail balloting equals disaster for 2022 midterms

Voter rolls that were not updated combined with the left’s aggressive no-excuse absentee voting plan created a disaster for 2020 election results. Because absentee ballots are completed outside the security […]

Breitbart: RNC lawsuit calls for sunshine on Pennsylvania voting procedures

February 15, 2022

In the 2020 election in Pennsylvania, one of the most serious problems election integrity faced was the uneven application of state statute and procedures in counting absentee ballots. Conservative areas […]

Florida Capital Star: Are election volunteers “helping” themselves to others’ votes?

Sometimes vote fraud happens from a distance (absentee or mailed ballots) and sometimes it’s up-close and personal. In Florida’s Miami-Dade County, the State Attorney is looking into reports of a […]

Fox News: Non-citizens voters are not more equal than others

February 4, 2022

With the assistance of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a group of African-American citizens in New York City is suing the City Council over its recent decision to allow non-citizens […]

The Federalist: Liberals panic and voters lose in Wisconsin’s election interference models

Imagine a partisan California billionaire putting election officials in other states on his payroll; not a donation to a political candidate, but a pot of money delivered to officials charged […]

Why The Wall Street Journal Is Wrong About The 2020 Election

February 1, 2022

The facts about vote fraud in the 2020 elections have been lied about by the left, and even muddled by the right.  In this article, researcher William Doyle at Texas’ Caesar […]

The Post and Courier: Citizen concern about liberal activism’s “damage to voter trust”

At Who’s Counting, we often acknowledge that citizen journalists penning local letters to the editor are often the best observers of voter concerns about election integrity. Thanks to Mr. John […]

The Federalist: Pennsylvania has no excuse for no-excuse mail voting

No-excuse vote by mail, rife with threats to ballot security and a portal for individual and organized vote fraud, was handed a resounding defeat last week when the 5 – […]

PJ Media: Bipartisan vote kills Democrats’ “’Voting Rights’ Lie”

January 20, 2022

PJ Media’s senior columnist is also a professional comedian, and his wit shines through in this devastating commentary on the defeat of what he calls the “Democrats’ mad plan to […]

Breitbart: Democrat’s falsely named “voting rights” bill defeated in the Senate

On a predominantly party-line vote, the federal takeover of elections — and measures that would put vote integrity in jeopardy — was defeated in the U.S. Senate on January 19.  With […]

Restoring Confidence in Government Begins with Restoring Confidence in Elections

January 19, 2022

by Mac Warner WV Secretary of State Restoring confidence in our government begins with confidence in our elections. Election confidence has two main components: transparency and process.  Much of the […]

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