Fox News: Non-citizens voters are not more equal than others

February 4, 2022

With the assistance of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a group of African-American citizens in New York City is suing the City Council over its recent decision to allow non-citizens […]

The Federalist: Liberals panic and voters lose in Wisconsin’s election interference models

Imagine a partisan California billionaire putting election officials in other states on his payroll; not a donation to a political candidate, but a pot of money delivered to officials charged […]

Why The Wall Street Journal Is Wrong About The 2020 Election

February 1, 2022

The facts about vote fraud in the 2020 elections have been lied about by the left, and even muddled by the right.  In this article, researcher William Doyle at Texas’ Caesar […]

The Post and Courier: Citizen concern about liberal activism’s “damage to voter trust”

At Who’s Counting, we often acknowledge that citizen journalists penning local letters to the editor are often the best observers of voter concerns about election integrity. Thanks to Mr. John […]

The Federalist: Pennsylvania has no excuse for no-excuse mail voting

No-excuse vote by mail, rife with threats to ballot security and a portal for individual and organized vote fraud, was handed a resounding defeat last week when the 5 – […]

PJ Media: Bipartisan vote kills Democrats’ “’Voting Rights’ Lie”

January 20, 2022

PJ Media’s senior columnist is also a professional comedian, and his wit shines through in this devastating commentary on the defeat of what he calls the “Democrats’ mad plan to […]

Breitbart: Democrat’s falsely named “voting rights” bill defeated in the Senate

On a predominantly party-line vote, the federal takeover of elections — and measures that would put vote integrity in jeopardy — was defeated in the U.S. Senate on January 19.  With […]

Restoring Confidence in Government Begins with Restoring Confidence in Elections

January 19, 2022

by Mac Warner WV Secretary of State Restoring confidence in our government begins with confidence in our elections. Election confidence has two main components: transparency and process.  Much of the […]

Just the News: Blackwell on the ballot-busting clown car that is anything but funny

January 14, 2022

In a recent interview, Ken Blackwell (election integrity advocate and former Secretary of State of Ohio) pulled no punches in pulling the curtain back from the unilaterally-promoted bad ballot security […]

Washington Examiner: Liberal lies about voter suppression that suppress the truth

President Biden recently gave an address that included falsehoods about vote security. Instead of campaigning on policy and program, it appears Democrats would rather invent “voter suppression” when minority voting […]

AFPI Statement: Dr. Alveda King & Ambassador Ken Blackwell on Biden-Harris Speech Regarding the Freedom to Cheat Act

January 12, 2022

President Biden’s and Vice President Harris’s speech in Atlanta today was an insult to all Americans, especially those in the African American community. We were deeply involved in the wars […]

American Wire News: Michelle Obama’s election coalition of chicanery and deceit

January 10, 2022

As Michelle Obama rallies the oppressive left to engage in vote activism, she is right about only one thing— Americans must vote “like our democracy depends on it.” Mrs. Obama […]

Epoch Times: The broad truth about U.S. election security

As journalist and author John Fund notes, event liberals at the Pew Research Center admit as many as 20% of current voter registrations are corrupted, Canada requires voter ID, most […]

Big Tech is Attempting to Silence Cleta Mitchell for Ensuring We Have Election Integrity in 2022 and Beyond

January 6, 2022

In October, we previewed attorney and election integrity expert Cleta Mitchell’s brand new podcast discussing this key issue when it comes to how “we need to learn the lessons of 2020.” Mitchell […]

Becker News: Texas forensic audit continues to find unlawful votes

January 3, 2022

Every vote matters. Every fraudulent vote matters. Every fraudulent vote steals the political voice of a legitimate voter, whether there is enough fraud to overturn an election or not. As […]

Fox News: Biden judicial nominee confuses legal facts with partisan fiction

Fair, impartial judges are important advocates for election integrity and the protection of citizens’ votes. When a judicial nominee repeats a false liberal narrative that shows bias and avoidance of […]

Election Integrity Network: YouTube censors Who’s Counting? podcast interview with former DOJ Attorney J. Christian Adams…YouTube can’t handle the truth

December 27, 2021

Big Tech leftists at YouTube recently blocked our Who’s Counting? with Cleta Mitchell podcast episode featuring an interview between Cleta and former DOJ official and President of the Public Interest […]

The American Conservative: Election integrity is lost when election officials become partisan turnout machines – see what happened in Wisconsin in 2020

An election official’s duty and responsibility is to ensure compliance with state election laws, administer the elections in a fair and unbiased manner, and maintain accurate voter rolls. Election officials […]

News 6 Orlando: Every American should be an election integrity activist

December 23, 2021

As Thomas Jefferson accurately noted, “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” This includes citizen involvement in election integrity and reporting any irregularities. Recently in The Villages, Florida, an anonymous […]

The Epoch Times: Colorado official blocks transparency and clean voting lists

A big problem for ballot security (and one of the easiest to fix) are voters who are deceased or moved yet remain on voter rolls. Equally as problematic are liberal […]

NEW! How does your state rate on The Heritage Foundation Election Integrity Scorecard?

December 15, 2021

The Heritage Foundation has released a comprehensive Election Integrity Scorecard that rates every state and the District of Columbia on their election integrity laws and the status of election fairness and security […]

Breitbart: Court upholds Arizona’s mailed ballot protections

December 13, 2021

Common sense dictates that valid mailed ballots require valid signatures as an attestation that the voter really is the voter. Liberals have opposed these measures citing the procedure as some […]

The Heritage Foundation: Federal indictments prove online voter registration is a pathway to fraud

No transaction is more secure than one that is face-to-face. No civic duty is more important than voting. The intersection of these facts occurs during the voter registration process. Liberals […]

Salisbury Post: No votes are suppressed due to race or gender in today’s America. Move on.

December 7, 2021

Not all wise policy observations come from “experts” and the pundit class; many are through every day  patriots who contribute their views to Letters to the Editor. Such is the case with […]

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