The Federalist: Mitchell: “John Lewis Act” will corrupt elections and steal the political will of all voters

September 3, 2021

HR 4 “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act just passed in the House by Democrats only is the direct opposite of “voting rights.” EIN’s Senior Legal Fellow Cleta Mitchell pulls […]

Breitbart: Trump suggests old ways are the best ways for voting

The complexities of voting machines, lax vote safety enforcement, liberal lies about “suppression” and media refusal to cover fraud have led some Americans – including former President Trump – to […]

NEW! EIN provides data showing minority Americans are voting in high numbers and support voter ID

September 1, 2021

Although liberals and their political allies continue to claim widespread voter suppression is occurring today, statistics show that nothing could be further from the truth. Election data reveals voting participation […]

NBC5Texas: Governor Abbot’s pen poised to usher in new election safeguards

A key election integrity bill has passed the Texas legislature and Governor Greg Abbott is ready to sign it into law. The Governor’s statement on the bill highlighted that its provisions are […]

The Federalist: Texas House Dems’ tantrum did not stop efforts to shore up election security

August 30, 2021

In running away to Washington DC to avoid voting on an election security bill, Texas House Democrats achieved nothing but to reveal to Texas voters that they were not willing […]

PILF to State Election Officials: Liberal politicians want to steal your Constitutional authority and jobs

Control over election protocols is vested in the states through the Constitution and over 230 years of legal precedent. As Congressional Democrats push the “John Lewis Act” to unlawfully steal […]

Townhall: The best way to protect minority voters is by not passing Democrat voting “reforms”

August 27, 2021

As American Conservative Union’s Denise Cohen notes this hard hitting piece, The John Lewis Voting Advancement Act – passed on Democrat-only party lines and heading to the Senate – is […]

CBS CA: Ballot envelope holes reveal “yes” recall votes and we know who is behind it

In this article’s video, a California woman shows a punch hole in the recall ballot envelope that reveals “yes” votes for recalling Gov. Newsom. Liberals at quoted a Democrat state official […]

ABC 7 San Francisco: Drugs, stolen ID and mail-in ballots found in California felon’s car

August 25, 2021

What do stolen IDs and 300 mail-in ballots have in common? Potential organized fraud. A California felon recently arrested in Torrance, California had all of these in his car, along […]

Just The News: Newsom’s mail-in ballot dump: If you can’t beat ‘em, cheat ‘em

Last year, using Covid as an excuse, California Governor Gavin Newsom changed election laws regarding mail-in ballots that opened a new opportunity for organized fraud for the state’s progressive vote-cheating […]

Redstate: Black leaders: Democrat election changes in H.R. 4 will hurt people of color

Three of the nation’s conservative African-American leaders issued a strong statement that H.R. 4 voting changes (John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act) dishonors Rep. Lewis’ legacy. Former Ohio Secretary of […]

The Federalist: The left’s successful plan: militant partisan leadership at the DOJ

August 24, 2021

Election integrity advocates Hans von Spakovsky and Christian Adams were once career attorneys at the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division where “hostile left-wing ideologues” deliberately created a pool of anti-election integrity […]

The Hill: Support for voter ID still increasing among African-American voters

A recent poll by the Honest Elections Project revealed the liberal media’s worst nightmare: overall support for using government-issued ID to confirm identity while voting is high. Between March and July, Honest […]

Washington Examiner: RNC report show loss of ballot safety as a symptom of Covid

The entire progressive movement wants voters to believe a lie — that there was no vote fraud in the 2020 elections. Although the big question remains “was it enough?” there […]

The Heritage Foundation Statement: The H.R. 4 John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act makes it easy to cheat and hard to protect voters

August 20, 2021

The Heritage Foundation President Kay C. James and Hans von Spakovsy, Manager of its Election Law Reform Initiative have issued a strong statement noting that H.R. 4’s pathway to federal […]

Independent Women’s Forum: House Democrat report tortures data to falsely justify the left’s need to steal states’ Constitutional election rights

The left will do anything to bolster its false premise that America’s 50 states can’t conduct “fair” elections.  They manipulate data and invent false narratives to prove their point. House Democrats’ […]

Committee on House Administration report: States’ primary constitutional authority over elections is determined by the Constitution — not Speaker Pelosi

Over 230 years of American voting traditions show that states have primary authority over elections; this is also fully settled in Constitutional law. Yet, leftists and their Democrat allies continue […]

New! EIN Messaging Fact Sheet and Polling Data on the Federal Takeover of Elections

August 17, 2021

The disconnect between liberal activists and politicians and the American public is clear in this messaging resource from Election Integrity Network that is full of facts and polling data. The […]

EIN provides details of Nancy Pelosi’s dangerous election power grab

A unilateral power grab is always bad policy, but in the case of election protocols, it can spell disaster for voters of all parties and our Constitutional freedoms. This EIN […]

CNSNEWS: Ken Blackwell notes Democracy only survives when We The People can see inside

August 12, 2021

“Democracy depends on transparency” notes Ken Blackwell of the Center For Election Integrity at the America First Policy Institute and the Public Interest Legal Foundation. He notes we must thoroughly […]

Politico: Tone deaf Pelosi and Schumer to push for their “voting rights” power grab bill

Pushback within their caucus and a preponderance of polling that shows the American people oppose a takeover of state election systems left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader […]

Rasmussen Poll: Liberal advocacy group gets American views on election integrity all wrong

Liberal elite policy manipulators and their political allies continue to use false accusations of “voter suppression’ to halt policies that protect voters while promoting policies that steal ballot integrity from […]

The Daily Caller: Manchin says no “carveout” but what about a “cavein?”

August 10, 2021

Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kysten Sinema R-AZ) refuse to vote for any suspension of the filibuster regardless of the reason. This makes it nearly impossible for Senate Democrats to […]

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