Exposing the left’s dangling golden carrot of election corruption

Who's Counting with Cleta Mitchell
Who's Counting with Cleta Mitchell
Exposing the left’s dangling golden carrot of election corruption

Scott Walter is president of Capital Research Center — “America’s Investigative Think Thank” —  an organization researching and reporting on the influence of special interests on policy, politics – and elections. Its Influence Watch project is an invaluable encyclopedia of over 10,000 public policy influencers and highlights the undue influence of left-wing money, its donors and its “non-profit” organizations.

Just a few of these include e-Bay billionaire Pierre Omidyar and his massive funding of anti-election integrity groups, Mark Zuckberg’s “Zuck Bucks” and his personal distortion of election outcomes as if they were a board game, and the ultimate leftwing dark money organization, Arabella Advisors and its legal puppeteer, attorney Marc Elias.
The left mocks non-profit rules and their organizations do not influence campaigns and candidates – but elections procedures.  Their activity makes clear their goal to suppress election integrity by changing the process in a way that increases one-sided, Democrat, partisan results.
Scott describes the three-headed focus of the left’s billionaires in accomplishing partisan goals while hiding behind “non-partisan” organizations:  1. Manipulating Census results to favor inaccurate representation favoring blue states; 2. Influencing partisan voter turnout blue areas primarily through private Zuck Bucks, and 3. Pushing partisan redistricting.
Listen as Scott and Cleta reveal how the left was successful in warping Census results and creating one-sided Democrat turnout in targeted areas that skewed national election results. They also analyze 2020 results, when the same party that won the presidency lost Congressional seats and had a net loss of state legislatures – a Zuck Buck backfire.
Describing the left’s “tsunami of cash” that funds initiatives that corrupt election results – and election officials – they expose the emerging agenda and changes in the left’s new tricks to purchase election results and election officials in an arena where no private money should ever have influence.
Private money pressed into the left’s service at local election offices is unethical, dangerous, and steals the political voices of too many voters. It suppresses accurate outcomes. And as Cleta notes, it is the job of political parties to get out the vote – not election officials whose one job is to administer elections according to statute. 

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