National Working Groups

EIN’s National Working Groups are working coalitions of individuals, grassroots advocates and organizational representatives from around the country that provide education and collaboration by addressing specific policy or procedural issues in the election process. 

Calls include guest presentations by national and state subject matter experts, an exchange of research and collateral materials, and interactive participation of attendees. (Links as of 2/27/2023)

Citizens Research Project

The Citizen’s Research Project focuses on investigating third-party influences in our elections, educating grassroots advocates on the power these organizations hold, and how to identify them in local election offices.

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Moderator: Ned Jones, Deputy Director, EIN.


The Legislative Working Group is a resource for individuals to identify election integrity laws and statutes with both a negative or positive impact on election procedures in their states in order to advance pro-election integrity provisions.

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Moderator: Kathy Harms, Tennessee Election Integrity Coalition

Voter Rolls

The Voter Rolls group is working to ensure voter registration lists are consistently and accurately updated in accordance with state and federal law to prevent ballot exploitation and an opportunity for fraud. It also addresses privacy protections of voter rolls.

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Moderator: Cleta Mitchell, EIN Founder

Vote-By-Mail & USPS

This working group’s objective is to shed light on vulnerabilities in the vote-by-mail system, the absentee ballot voter verification process, and to address the significant deficiencies in the USPS system where potential fraud mishandling of ballots can occur.

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Moderator: Ned Jones, EIN Deputy Director

Vulnerable Voters

This working group addresses all classifications of vulnerable voters including seniors, military, homeless, non-military UOCAVA voters, voters with disabilities and college students. Topics cover statutory and procedural issues as well as training for community interaction with these groups.

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Moderator: Kerri Toloczko, EIN National Networks Director

Stop Ranked Choice Voting

“Rigged” Choice Voting is an emerging threat to the integrity of our local, state and federal elections and diminishes the political voices of American voters. This working group focuses on educating individuals on the specifics of this dangerous election procedure change and how to effectively message against it.

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Moderators: Melody Clarke, EIN Deputy Director and Kerri Toloczko, EIN National Networks Director

Voting Technology & Election Systems

This working group examines the mechanics of all technology (including machines) involved in our elections to better understand vulnerabilities and develop solutions that can be replicated in each state.

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Moderator: Jim Womack, North Carolina Election Integrity Team

Introduction to Election Integrity Coalitions & Infrastructure

This introductory “newbie” class educates new coalition members and leaders on the Election Integrity Network and infrastructure. It includes an introduction to Election Integrity Network, defines terms, and instructs on creating, managing and growing a local or state coalition and working with external stakeholders.

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Moderator: Ned Jones, EIN Deputy Director, Kerri Toloczko, EIN National Networks Director

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