Election Integrity News: “Watch How Ranked-Choice Voting Complicates Elections And Disenfranchises Voters”

Summary: This article discusses a video from the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) that argues against ranked-choice voting (RCV), asserting that it leads to voter confusion, discarded ballots, and ultimately disenfranchisement. The video ( which is included in the article) highlights the concept of “ballot exhaustion,” where ballots are discarded because the first-choice candidate didn’t win a majority in the first round; the FGA study cites multiple examples where thousands of ballots were discarded in RCV elections, particularly noting instances favoring Democrats, such as Mary Peltola’s victory in Alaska’s congressional race despite Republican votes dominating, and Lisa Murkowski’s reelection. Due to this, the article notes that efforts are underway to repeal RCV in Alaska. In sum, the new study by the FGA criticizes RCV proponents for misleading tactics and argues that the system undermines voter confidence in elections.


Article: “Watch How Ranked-Choice Voting Complicates Elections And Disenfranchises Voters”

Author(s): Shawn Feetwood


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