Election Integrity News: “Lawsuit: Illinois Is Violating Federal Law By Failing To Clean Its Voter Rolls”

Summary: This article outlines a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch on behalf of an Illinois voter and several state-based organizations against the Illinois State Board of Elections and its executive director. The lawsuit alleges violations of federal law, specifically the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), due to the failure to maintain accurate voter registration lists and produce election-related records. The plaintiffs argue that Illinois has not adequately removed ineligible voters from the rolls, as required by the NVRA, leading to concerns about the integrity of the electoral process. They point to data showing minimal removals of voter registrations compared to significant population movements, indicating a failure to comply with federal law. Judicial Watch seeks relief through a court order mandating compliance with the NVRA and the development of a program to remove ineligible registrants from the voter rolls, emphasizing the importance of clean rolls in preventing fraud and increasing voter confidence.

Article: “Lawsuit: Illinois Is Violating Federal Law By Failing To Clean Its Voter Rolls”

Author(s): Shawn Fleetwood



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