Election Integrity News: “Biden Department Of Justice Declares War On Voter ID And Other Election Security Laws”

Summary: This article highlights the Biden administration’s targeting of popular voting laws, citing Attorney General Merrick Garland’s recent speech in Selma, Alabama, which marked a renewed commitment by the DOJ to challenge what they perceive as discriminatory and restrictive election security laws passed by state legislatures. Garland likened voter identification laws to Jim Crow-era measures and emphasized the department’s determination to fight against such laws, including those concerning mail-in voting, drop boxes, and voter ID requirements. Despite widespread public support for voter ID laws (A recent Pew Research study found 81 percent of Americans support requiring people to show a “government-issued photo identification” in order to vote, and a Gallup poll from October 2022 found 79 percent of Americans support requiring a voter prove their identity before casting a ballot), Garland’s stance aligns with the broader narrative of the Biden administration, which has consistently criticized these laws as attempts to suppress voting rights. Additionally, the administration has pursued federalization of election laws, leading to legal disputes with states like Pennsylvania and Arizona. This ongoing battle underscores the contentious nature of election integrity issues and the broader political divide surrounding voting rights and access.

Article: “Biden Department Of Justice Declares War On Voter ID And Other Election Security Laws”

Author(s): Brianna Lyman

Link: https://thefederalist.com/2024/03/04/biden-department-of


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