Wyoming: A Leader in Pressing Forward in Election Integrity

Living up to its nickname of the “Equality State,” Wyoming is putting election integrity first to protect its freedom and its voters. Currently leading this charge is its newly elected Secretary of State, Chuck Gray.

The Secretary discusses with Cleta how, as a former Wyoming legislator, he developed a keen sense of the relationship between the ballot box and public policy — from protecting the pre-born, defending Wyoming’s natural resource economy, or keeping destructive leftwing ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance) policies from wreaking havoc on Wyoming businesses.

Secretary Gray is working through a “to do” list of election integrity protections with his former colleagues in the state legislature. They successfully ended “crossover” voting where members of one party can register on primary day to vote for a candidate in the opposite party, thus muddling results and stealing the ability of Republicans to choose a Republican candidate, for example. 

He has worked to harden and clarify voter ID laws for in person and absentee voting, increase accuracy in the state’s voter rolls, and defeat Ranked Choice Voting before it even emerged from committee. His underlying election integrity principles are to increase transparency and protect his state from machinations from leftwing organizations from outside Wyoming from compromising election security and destabilizing elections.

In this interview with Cleta, Secretary Gray makes two other critical points. One, that federal election laws have undermined states’ rights to determine their own election procedures in a way that harms voters. He and Cleta also agree that all citizens must act as “sentinels” to ensure proper election administration and trustworthy results that increase voter confidence.  

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