Mac Warner Calls on Secretary of State Tony Blinken to Resign

This week’s guest on Who’s Counting? with Cleta Mitchell is West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner, who has called on the US Secretary of State Tony Blinken to resign for his role in deceiving the American people about the Hunter Biden laptop during the 2020 presidential election.  “Actions have consequences. Using former federal employees of high-trust government positions in an attempt to influence the outcome of an election cannot be tolerated,” Secretary Warner said in a statement issued after this podcast was recorded. “In order to have confidence in a trusted and fair 2024 presidential election, we must prove to the American public that those engaging in nefarious behavior will be punished, not promoted.”   Warner: “Blinken should resign to begin to restore confidence in American elections” (

In April, Secretary Warner testified before the US House Committee on Administration regarding the American Confidence in Elections Act (The ACE Act).  Secretary Warner is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point where the cadet honor code is “A West Point Cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.” Secretary Warner told the Committee, “The non-toleration clause is particularly important in this case.”

‘’This case’ refers to a matter that Secretary Warner has been talking about and drawing attention to for the past fourteen months:   the impact current and former federal officials had in improperly influencing American voters in the 2020 election – and which has recently been confirmed by US House congressional investigation disclosures of internal records showing that the presidential campaign of Joe Biden intentionally fabricated and engaged in a disinformation campaign intended to influence the 2020 presidential election.   Referencing the actions of US intelligence officials and the FBI in deceiving the American people about the Hunter Biden laptop – and its contents, Secretary Warner likened it to “…putting a ‘finger on the scale’ type of improprieties, and moving to the most blatant, insidious disinformation operation conducted on the American people in our election history….”  Warner Cautions Congress on the Role of Federal Agencies in Elections (

Secretary Warner has faced attacks recently from the liberal West Virginia media outlet Dominion Post regurgitating attacks from the very liberal outlet The Guardian, AND the Associated Press (now funded by leftwing billionaire foundations) for his testimony to Congress and for his courageous stands.  Election integrity leader J. Christian Adams dispensed with the attacks against Secretary Warner in PJ Media:   Cancel Culture Comes for Mac Warner, One of the Best Secretaries of State in the Nation – PJ Media  He talks with Cleta about his beliefs as to the seriousness of what happened in the 2020 election – and the importance of doing the hard work he has undertaken as Secretary of State to restore the confidence of the American people in the honesty of their elections.   In the five years he has been Secretary of State, West Virginia has removed 400,000 bad registrations from West Virginia’s voter rolls, among other steps he has taken to ensure that West Virginia’s elections are a model for the nation.  Significantly, earlier this year, Secretary Warner withdrew the State of West Virginia from ERIC  (the Election Registration Information Center), a subject discussed on this podcast at length with Heather Honey in the September 14, 2022 Episode of this podcast as “ERIC:  The Force Behind Bloated Voter Rolls”.

Secretary Warner is a true patriot and a hero in the Election Integrity movement.   In this episode, he shares with Cleta his determination to do all he can to work with citizens and leaders across his state and the nation to save our election systems from the attacks from the left that have so damaged voter confidence since 2020. 

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