Goodbye ERIC! Hello Privacy Protections for Virginia Citizens!


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Virginia announces its withdrawal from the Electronic Registration Information Center

LEXINGTON, VA – The Election Integrity Network (EIN) and Virginia Fair Elections (VFE) Coalition
sincerely thanks Commissioner Susan Beals, the Youngkin administration, and Attorney General Jason
Miyares for protecting the confidential information of our Virginia citizens and saving our hard-earned tax
dollars by withdrawing from the unproductive services and unnecessary expenses associated with the
Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC).

EIN and VFE would also like to acknowledge and sincerely thank everyone involved in the Virginia
election integrity network for their tireless efforts and the time they dedicate to exposing the necessity to
safeguard every stage of the election process which encompasses more than simply submitting a ballot.
“No single organization or person can take credit for ensuring free, fair, and secure elections; it is the
work of every volunteer and election official,” noted EIN chairman and VFE co-founder Lynn Taylor.’

“The VFE Coalition has every confidence that the office of Commissioner Beals will maintain our voter
rolls safely and securely without subjecting the private information of our citizens, especially that of our
most vulnerable population — seniors and children, to partisan special interests outside of Virginia. ERIC
has done little to help the Commonwealth with voter roll accuracy while sharing sensitive citizen data
with their private sector partners.”

The Commissioner’s assessment that “ERIC’s mandate has expanded beyond that of its initial intent — to
improve the accuracy of voter rolls,” is on point. Her decision to “pursue other information arrangements
with our neighboring states and look to other opportunities to partner with states in an apolitical fashion”
is prudent policy.


This press release may be reprinted in part or in whole provided attribution is given to

The Virginia Fair Elections Coalition and Election Integrity Network.

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