Trent England: “Alternate Voting Methods:” The Left’s Radical Models for Cementing Political Control

When public policy expert Trent England saw election integrity undermined by progressive policies in his home state of Washington, he took action that has an impact at the national level. That action came in the form of an organization called Save Our States, and its newest project STOPRCV (Ranked Choice Voting.)

Save Our States was created to protect the Electoral College and prevent this beacon of American freedom and states’ rights from being hijacked by leftwing interests using the National Popular Vote as a tool to consolidate their own power at the federal level while leaving local voters with little or no political voice and eschewing minority rights. (See the trailer for the SOS movie about the EC “Safeguard” here.) 

As Trent discusses with Cleta, his working in protecting the Electoral College led him to uncover other “alternative voting methods” leftwing billionaires are pushing in our country that flaunts their disregard for the Constitutional and Rule of Law, tacitly destroys both political parties’ ability to choose their own candidates, and makes voting so cumbersome and complicated that voters become discouraged and alienated from the process.

These methods include Ranked Choice Voting (also known as Instant Runoff and Final Five,) Approval Voting and STAR (Score Then Automatic Runoff.) Cleta and Trent unpack each one of these dangerous methodologies that range from suppressive and unconstitutional to patently absurd.

And guess what? Any one of them may be coming to your state SOON. Trent and his team are dedicated to educating the public about how each one of these schemes – and the abolition of the brilliant Electoral College – rip at the very fabric of our country, our voting rights, and our ability to choose our elected officials and form of governance.

Visit Save Our States and Stop RCV for more information, and visit EIN here to sign for Stop Ranked Choice Voting and any of our other topical National Working Groups. 

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