Jason Frazier: A Citizen Voter Roll Cleanup Expert in Fulton County, Georgia: Describing the Mess He’s Trying to Clean Up… Try 12,000 Duplicates in the Fulton County Voter Rolls! And more…. What a hero!

Cleta interviews Jason Frazier, a citizen volunteer, and self-described ‘data geek’ who has taken it upon himself to examine the voter rolls in his home county of Fulton County, GA. Jason, as a nonpartisan citizen just interested in clean data, has identified many issues, problems, and anomalies in the Fulton County voter rolls. In this podcast, Jason shares his expertise as a data analyst with an MBA, who ‘for fun’ looks at the lists, finds issues, and beats his head against the bureaucratic wall to clean voter rolls in his home county.

Jason talks about finding dead people on the rolls….and thousands of duplicates on the rolls, people registered at PO boxes, abandoned properties, and more. And duplicate votes. Yikes! WHAT a mess!

Then, he describes the bureaucratic double-speak between the county and the Secretary of State’s office in Georgia who are working together to avoid accountability.

Jason has sent thousands….THOUSANDS… of problematic registrations to the registrar for investigation and removal….some have voted multiple times.. and he has filed the information with both Fulton County and the Georgia Secretary of State. And has heard little or nothing from either the county or the state. How can that be?

Jason describes the ‘slow start’ of the employees at the Fulton County election office….how he has been ignored, disregarded, and dismissed….and how citizens must and can be vigilant to make the employees in the election offices do their jobs…but Jason is persistent and is not giving up!

And even more: pay attention to how the powers that be close ranks to not do their jobs…and how leftist lawyers work overtime to keep counties in Georgia from cleaning the rolls.

And most problematic? Apparent double voting in Fulton County who may have voted once in person and once by mail….with no interest by the powers that be to investigate.

Despite it all, Jason is a cheerful warrior for clean voter rolls. He is amazing and inspiring. Listen to his adventures in the election offices in Fulton County…and the GA Secretary of State’s office.

Join us as Jason describes to Cleta his citizen journey to fight for election integrity in Georgia! What an inspiration Jason is for honest elections! Listen, watch, subscribe and share!

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