Hayden Ludwig: Documenting the Left’s Taxpayer-Funded and Subsidized Election Corruption Apparatus

An experienced and expert researcher, Hayden Ludwig of Restoration of America has taken a deep dive into election integrity’s “enemy camp” and come back up with a treasure trove of detail, documentation and evidence of the left’s corruptive influence on elections and election procedures – and increasingly using government agencies and taxpayer funding to accomplish their goals to manipulate the election process.

Now Director of Policy Research at Restoration of America, Hayden sharpened his research skills while at Capital Research Center, assisting with its expose of Arabella Advisors – the mothership of liberal dark money billionaire donors and backroom political influence. 

At Restoration of America, Hayden is focused on fighting back against the left’s corruption of non-profit organizations that have historically been the backbone of America’s community engagement – but which have now been weaponized by the left to achieve partisan election victories.   These leftist nonprofits have become morally (and legally) compromised through their successful manipulation of election results.   And their leaders now proudly urge left-leaning donors to financially support these so-called leftist charitable groups rather than giving directly to candidates, because the nonprofits can accomplish more than the candidates’ campaigns. Why?  Because the nonprofits are focused on controlling the election systems themselves….which is a frightening threat to self-governance in our country.

Hayden describes the corruption inherent in the ZuckBucks programs (billionaires funding government election offices), as well as the Biden Administration’s Executive Order 14019 that turned federal agency interactions with citizens requesting federal assistance into a Democrat Get-out-the-Vote machine (using our federal tax dollars), and, most recently, Hayden has exposed the abject corruption of the left’s ERIC (Electronic Voter Information Center) system. 

Cleta and Hayden discuss in great detail the beginning of ERIC – from initial funding by George Soros to the foundational lies it sold to member states in signing them up, to its unlawful transfer of sensitive, personal information to leftwing third party registration “non-profits” – its true mission.

Through ERIC, taxpayers are paying the costs to supply their own private data to liberal non-profits who are not allowed under law to access such information.  These groups focus on “eligible but unregistered” voters in demographic blocs that traditionally favor Democrats and require state tax dollars to be used to register those targeted voters. 

Hayden and Cleta discuss the facts of these leftist plans and projects that manipulate our election systems and government agencies, using our tax dollars to cement partisan political victories.   It is a grim portrait of the threats to our election systems – and a reminder that only citizen engagement to fight back will we save the system from the radical left and their billionaire donors.

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