Transparency: Election integrity’s “secret sauce”

Ken Cuccinelli is the National Chairman for the Election Transparency Initiative, a joint election integrity project of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America and the American Principles Project. A long-time public servant, Ken served Virginia as a state legislator and Attorney General, and in national service as an Acting Deputy Director of DHS under President Trump.

Cleta and Ken review how documented concerns after the 2020 election cycle, and even 2020’s Bush v. Gore, led to an emerging movement to make sure all election results provide winners — and losers — with confidence in the outcomes. As Ken notes, there can be no accountability without transparency; the gold standard of election integrity is full, open citizen observation of all systems, processes and procedures.

They discuss other lessons learned as well – how to turn the false media narrative about election integrity advocates on its head, the difference an increase of poll observers has made in demanding transparent results, and applying American common sense to election provisions that make … common sense.

Transparency is the common denominator for every election process and procedure that impacts the voter, candidates, elections systems as well as public and legislative policy. Keeping the principles of transparency front and center is critical to the success of the election integrity movement.

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