The Truth About the U.S. Alliance for ‘Election Excellence’: The Left’s Plans to Brainwash Local Election Officials Against Election Integrity and Transparency

Jason Snead is the Executive Director of the Honest Elections Project, an organization that is a national leader in the effort to protect the rights of every lawful voter while advocating for pro-election integrity protections. 

The Honest Elections Project recently partnered with the pre-eminent North Carolina state think tank, The John Locke Foundation, to research and publish an explosive new report on “Zuckbucks” 2.0 – the US. Alliance for Election Excellence. This unholy Alliance, funded by the usual cadre of far left donors, is progressives’ latest attempt to create their own outposts in election offices through a series of lies, manipulations and payoffs.  Essentially, their goal is to brainwash local election officials to see the role of election administrators as turnout machines for progressive voters and voting blocs.

The intrusion of private money, personnel, and organizations into election offices through the Zuckbucks program in 2020 concerned many voters as they understood this was a cynical, one-sided, partisan attempt to use election offices to recruit liberal voters. In response, 24 states have banned this practice since 2020. 

Undaunted, the left has created its own ‘work around’– funding not only election offices, but also ‘training’ election officials to view election administration through their leftist lens, using the ‘expertise’ of leftwing activists and organizations who infiltrate the election offices through this Alliance. Same left wing billionaires, same plan to manipulate and control election outcomes with incursions into election procedures – the only thing different is how they plan to accomplish this: through skirting the laws and creating a bait and switch program aimed at election officials. 

The information in the HEP and John Locke Report, found here, was achieved through research and an aggressive plan of public records requests, or “FOIAs,” sent to election offices announced by the Alliance as having been ‘chosen’ for the brainwashing program.

Watch and listen as Cleta and Jason reveal in detail the level of dishonesty and amount of left-wing money the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellent is willing to sow throughout what should be our non-partisan election systems,  that are supposed to serve all voters equally, without partisan bias or advantage.  

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