Marci McCarthy: A Citizen Patriot Dedicated to restoring FITness to Georgia Elections: Faith, Integrity and Trust (FIT)

Georgia’s Marci McCarthy is Chairman of the DeKalb County GOP and a fierce warrior for election integrity.   Her commitment is to never see a repeat of what she witnessed in the general election in 2020.   

During the 2020 election, Marci was an election worker in Georgia’s second-most blue county as a member of a bipartisan team adjudicating absentee ballots rejected by tabulating machines.  Everything worked according to state law and established procedures during the 2020 primary…but the 2020 general election was a different story.  In this episode of Who’s Counting?, Marci describes a lawless general election, where election officials in DeKalb County violated standards, procedures, and statutes by taking ballots away from the required locations, adjudicating ballots in secret, in a manner not in keeping with the laws, and where there was no accountability for their disregard of the Georgia election code.   Marci’s eyewitness experience of the issues in DeKalb County in 2020 propelled her into her mission now of doing whatever she can do to restore FITness in the election process in Georgia.

Marci has become one of Georgia’s most active leaders in the effort to ensure election integrity, even when it involves Democratic candidates harmed by faulty voting machines and lax election procedures, as was the case in a 2022 Democratic primary for county commissioner in DeKalb County.  

In late January 2023, Marci and the rest of the public were stunned to learn that DeKalb County’s election office was receiving $2 million in private funding from the same forces that mobilized Mark Zuckerberg’s $400 million in 2020, and who funneled his money into targeted election offices in key states to manipulate and change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.   Despite the law passed by the Georgia legislature in 2021 prohibiting local election offices from accepting private funds, DeKalb county officials are now attempting an end-run around the law.   Marci describes in this episode her determination to stop the buying of the DeKalb county election system and to force compliance with the Georgia law prohibiting private funding of local election offices.

What is Marci doing about it? She discusses her campaign to stop a repeat of the 2020 lawlessness.   Marci McCarthy is a great American patriot.  Others across the nation can learn from her example described in this episode of Who’s Counting? with Cleta Mitchell.

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