Honest Election Project’s Jason Snead: Election Integrity Facts Must Triumph Over Deceptive Language from the Left in Michigan Ballot Question….and in Every State

Jason Snead, Executive Director of Honest Elections Project, is not just a veteran election lawyer and policy expert, as well as a messaging guru regarding election laws and policy, but a friend to every voter in our country who wants elections to be honest, lawful and fair – and believe that all legal votes should be counted accurately.

Jason and his team were on the forefront of defeating attempts in the last two years by the left to federalize elections and remove states’ Constitutional rights to administer their elections. Now,  Honest Elections Project is fighting for … honest elections … in states from Alaska to Massachusetts and everywhere in between as the left continues to try to pass laws and state constitutional amendments that dilute election protections and give Democrats a one-sided and unfair political advantage. 

In this episode, Jason explains and describes a full list of election integrity concerns – providing voter ID (which Honest Elections polling shows is supported by 84% of Americans,) the dangers inherent in voting by mail, widespread inaccuracy of voter rolls, the lack of restrictions in some states for ballot trafficking, and problems with Ranked Choice Voting that discourages voter participation and leaves some ballots uncounted for in an electoral trash can. 

Where are these state battles? What full information do you need to know in your state before you vote on amendments or referenda? Election integrity in many states hangs in the balance as voters may unwittingly be deceived by proposals that borrow our election integrity language, but where the substantive provisions do just the opposite of the ‘descriptions’ of the measures.

Know before you go! And find out what these ballot propositions actually do, in this episode of Who’s Counting with Cleta Mitchell.  

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