Ron Armstrong:  Equip and Empower: How one grassroots group is guiding election integrity in Michigan

Ron Armstrong, President of Stand Up Michigan, is a man who refuses to sit down. He is a passionate advocate for election integrity in a state with a tyrannical liberal governor and a secretary of state who blatantly manipulates state election statutes to provide a partisan advantage.

So what’s a freedom-loving Michigander to do? When you are Ron Armstrong, a former Mayor and a businessman with more than 35 years as an exhibit and display executive, you turn your expertise in creating consistent messages and providing measurable results into a statewide grassroots powerhouse.

Stand Up Michigan was created out of frustration at totalitarian, arbitrary and economically devastating lockdowns by Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Growing to over 350,000 activists nearly overnight in 2020, it achieved success in fighting for economic and individual liberty in the first months of Covid through Michigan’s unique petition initiative process that shifts unilateral gubernatorial powers back to the hands of the people.

In his conversation with Cleta, Ron explains how Stand Up Michigan’s partnership with the statewide election integrity coalition, Michigan Election Protection Team, is changing the narrative and election integrity landscape in Michigan by utilizing the initiative process, engaging in social media messaging, and successfully in recruiting over 5,500 poll workers statewide.

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