Michigan’s Patrick Colbeck: Uncovering the Sign Posts of Vote Fraud

Former Michigan State Senator and native Michigander Patrick Colbeck is an aerospace engineer whose knowledge and expertise of  “critical infrastructure components” has led him to become a state leader in recognizing irregularities in voting procedures, balancing voters voting with ballots counted, and vulnerabilities of tabulation machines and other voting systems.

Patrick lends his time to many important efforts for Michigan’s citizens, including his military outreach, the Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center, and his main platform for public policy engagement, In 2020, Patrick marched headfirst into election integrity, launching an election protection initiative, Election Integrity Force, to “ensure transparent and trusted elections.”

After Patrick became a certified poll observer and volunteered for hazardous duty at Detroit’s main balloting counting center, he added first-hand observation of ballot manipulation, machine and counting irregularities and even outright vote fraud to his understanding of his state’s election insecurity.

Discussing with Cleta his recently released book The 2020 Coup in this episode of Who’s Counting with Cleta Mitchell, Patrick walks through specific aspects of the fraud and irregularities he witnessed, a list of four specific phases where vote fraud occurs, and provides in-depth knowledge and advice on how to identify and prevent voting machine and other security issues related to elections.  And, to paraphrase Patrick, “let’s fix (this) stuff!”

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