There is no vote suppression in America today

President Biden demanded this week that the Senate change its rules to allow for upheaval of the nation’s voting and election laws, making way for those laws to be fundamentally transformed by a 50-50 tied Senate with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote.  

All in the name of Democrats’ fight against “vote suppression”.  

Fact:  There is no vote suppression in America today. 

Vote suppression is a complete lie spun by the Democrats, left wing activists, and their media megaphones.   

The main point to understand is that the left considers ANY verification requirement – voter ID, clean voter rolls, etc- to be vote suppression.  

They consider any requirement that voting be conducted under scrutiny of election officials in a polling place or other observable process,  to be vote suppression.  So when the new GA law requires ballot drop boxes to be monitored 24/7, that’s vote suppression.

When a law is enacted to reinstate hours for voting (like 8 am to 8 pm), and to prohibit 24 hour, drive by voting (something that Harris County TX came up with in 2020), the left calls that vote suppression. 

If signature or voter identity verification is required for absentee voting, they call that vote suppression. 

Every common-sense law that makes election administration transparent and orderly is vote suppression.  
That’s the important point.  The left wants to eliminate the advances made during the 20th century,  where elections began to be operated by the local and state governments, rather than run by the political parties and ward bosses. 

They WANT to eliminate secret ballots cast by individual voters in a manner that protects the voter from intimidation by political operatives. Because they want to intimidate their voting blocs 

They want to be able to cheat and whatever procedures we put in their way, they call vote suppression – Even though the provisions they attack are supported even by their own voters.  

The left wants all elections and voting in America to be ultimately managed and controlled by the left-wing lawyers in the DOJ.   When we say elections should be controlled at the state and localities, they call that vote suppression.  

This really isn’t a fact-based discussion. Just remember that.  

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