Ned Jones: Businessman, citizen volunteer, and patriot, describing how he discovered the startling infiltration by leftist entities in our election system

After the November 2020 election, Ned Jones began asking questions about how elections really work. He wondered who influences the election officials, who does business with the election offices, who are the vendors and contractors and are any of those influences and entities political in nature. What he discovered is a web of entities, both nonprofit and for profit, that have been created over the course of the past decade, funding by leftwing billionaires, engaged in election structures and systems across the country.  Primarily engaged in building an infrastructure to support voting by mail, the tentacles of these entities reach far and wide into our entire election system. Ned’s work shows what one determined, patriotic American can learn and share with others about the changes that have occurred in our elections without our realizing it. And it underscores why every local and state election office needs the eyes, ears, and presence of conservatives as part of their operations.

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