Cleta Mitchell appointed to serve on the Advisory Board to the federal Election Assistance Commission (the EAC)

Earlier this month, I was designated as one of two members representing the US Commission on Civil Rights (the USCCR) to serve on the Advisory Board to the federal Election Assistance Commission (the EAC).   According to J. Christian Adams, a member of the USCCR appointed by President Trump, the USCCR has long had a practice of designating only Democrats to fill the slots on the EAC Advisory Board.   After some wrangling, the Democrats on the USCCR finally agreed to designate a GOP member from a list provided to them by the GOP Commissioners.  

The list included Christian Adams and me.  The USCCR Democrats chose me, as the lesser of two evils since they are constantly being called out by Christian for misusing the USCCR for partisan and leftist narratives, and had no interest in designating him.  

Now that my appointment has become public, it is humorous to watch the exploding heads of the leftist leaders with their media / social media megaphones.  They are berserk wondering how someone (like me) could possibly be appointed:  someone who worked for President Trump in the post-election in Georgia in 2020 and who helped shape the Georgia election contest that identified illegal votes included in the certified totals –  and who has toiled in the election integrity vineyards for decades.  

Ironic, isn’t it?   The Advisory Board to which I’ve been appointed “advises” a federal agency created in the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election amid the months- no, years-long-Democratic hysteria over the election of George W  Bush as President.  (Remember the “Re-Defeat Bush” in 2004?) 

So now, Democrats-leftists-media lackeys are horrified that someone involved in the 2020 election challenges is to serve on a board advising an agency created by Democrats who challenged the legitimacy of a presidential election two decades ago.  

History comes full circle.  It is a wonderful thing to watch. 

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