Update on 2020 Georgia Election Audit

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has now admitted in a court filing that YES, those workers in Fulton County WERE processing ballots into the night on November 3, 2020, AFTER they forced the observers and the media to leave. Prior to yesterday’s filing, Raffensperger had given 3 different versions of what happened on Election Night at State Farm Arena, all of the versions being false: first, he said they were not counting ballots (false), then he said that he had observers from his office there the entire time (false), then he told Sixty Minutes that ‘we” (the Trump team) had ‘edited’ the tape. All false.  Now, in a court filing he has admitted that YES, they were counting ballots AFTER they made the observers leave (which is illegal under GA law) and yes, there are ‘some’ duplicate ballots because the machines kept jamming. The preliminary investigation of the number of duplicate ballots is roughly 3700… that we KNOW of.  Remember that the margin between President Trump and Joe Biden in Georgia was 11,799. Raffensperger told the court yesterday that there is now an investigation into the duplicate ballots….

Unfortunately, today Judge Amero dismissed the lawsuit filed by Garland Favorito and Suzie Voyles and others to conduct an audit of Fulton County. This follows months of efforts by Raffensperger and the Democrats to get rid of the lawsuit – because it would have allowed inspection of the original ballots by experts, and would have allowed thorough review of the duplicate ballots, the missing ballots, the improbable awarding of 100% of votes to Biden in batches that actually included votes for President Trump.

The judge ruled that these citizens had no standing to protect their constitutional rights under the Georgia Constitution because they could not point to ‘particularized injury’. Chalk up another strike against the judiciary for failing to uphold the rule of law governing elections…

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