Don’t let the Federal Government Take Over Georgia Elections

A state court judge has dismissed the lawsuit filed by Garland Favorito, Suzie Voyles and other citizens, which was in the process of conducting an investigation of the Fulton County Election office’s management of the 2020 General Election.

The case had been proceeding since January, with some discovery already taken, and a review of the ballot images and other ballot materials already conducted.  What has been revealed so far? A lot!  A couple of examples:

  • There are 153 missing batch summary reports from the post-election “Risk LimitingAudit” (a joke, btw) conducted by Fulton & Georgia SOS (a batch is 100 ballots, so this represents 15,300 ballots)
  • There are at least 33 duplicate tabulated batches, representing 3300 votes are potential duplicates) –which are included in the  certified results from 2020
  • There are potentially hundreds, maybe thousands, of counterfeit ballots which have never been folded (as required by Georgia law for EVERY mail ballot), or were filled out by a printer rather than a pen, which would be evidence of fraud 

The need for further investigation is real and compelling in order to finish the investigation and to finally FIX the Fulton County election office! The Georgia legislature should step in and finish the investigation – appoint a Special Counsel, to complete this important review.

But wait:  what has Secretary of State Brad “the Rat” Raffensperger done?  He has asked the BIDEN Department of Justice to come in and take over the Fulton County election office! 

Why is that such a terrible idea?  Listen to / watch Episode #2 of the podcast “Who’s Counting? with Cleta Mitchell” and the interview with J. Christian Adams about the lawyers in the Voting Section of the US Department of Justice.   Asking the Biden DOJ to take over the Fulton County elections is like asking the fox to come in and EAT the hens in the henhouse!

The legislature MUST stop the Raffensperger move to turn Fulton County’s election office over to the Biden DOJ.   If that happens, it means that Stacey Abrams and her crowd will be in charge of Georgia’s largest county and there will NEVER be accountability – and that office will become a permanent Democrat turnout machine, using tax dollars to make sure that the left controls the election outcome in Georgia from now on.

Listen to Cleta Mitchell’s interview with Congressman Jody Hice to learn more about what is happening in Georgia and help stop the federal takeover of Georgia’s elections.

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